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We are honoured and thrilled to be mentioned by the one and only Paula Citron in today’s Globe & Mail as one of the five dance events worth marking on everyone’s calendar.

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Little Pear Garden Collective: Venom of Love

The Little Pear company began as a showcase for authentic Peking Opera 20 years ago. But under the helm of current artistic director Emily Cheung, it has transformed into a mainstream attraction that is true both to its Chinese identity and the Canadian dance milieu at large. Cheung’s unique choreographic style includes aspects of Peking Opera, Russian ballet, modern dance, Chinese folk dance and elements of martial arts. Venom of Love is a full-length work based on the famous Chinese myth Legend of the White Snake, about the forbidden romance between a human (the scholar) and a demon (the woman). Cheung has given a feminist twist to the legend. In the original, the man defeats the demons, and the woman sacrifices herself for the man. Cheung tells the story from the demons’ point of view, where a mortal man has to sacrifice himself for love. In her version, the demons aren’t the bad guys. Fleck Dance Theatre, May 15 through 17.

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