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Our Partner Organizations

Chinese Canadian Council of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Ontario


The Chinese Canadian Council of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Ontario is a group of committed, hard working volunteers who dedicate their time, resources and expertise to promote heart disease and stroke prevention and education, and raise important funds within the Chinese communities. Their hard work has brought positive contributions to the lives of Chinese Ontarians.


Pangaea Arts

PangaeaArts-SmPangaea Arts

Pangaea Arts is an intercultural, interdisciplinary world arts organization based in Vancouver. Pangaea Arts was formed to promote cultural interaction and the exchange of ideas between diverse communities and to introduce Canadian audiences to performance traditions from around the world. Pangaea Arts creates productions that educate by participation, encouraging audiences and artists to actively investigate different cultures and ideas.
Pangaea Arts

NAAAP (North American Association of Asian Professionals) Toronto

NAAAPTorontoNAAAP (North American Association of Asian Professionals) Toronto

NAAAP (North American Association of Asian Professionals) Toronto is a not for profit volunteered-based association which aims to provide professionals of Asian ancestry with a forum within which to foster their business and social contacts while preserving the cultural heritage of Asian Canadians. As an integral Canadian Chapter in an International organization, NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals) is uniquely positioned to leverage and mobilize the talents, inputs and resources of an Asian professional community that spans coast to coast, encompassing over 24 cities in Canada and the United States.

NAAAP Toronto’s membership includes working professionals from 25 to 45 with various levels of education, professional and business backgrounds. With a mission to inspire leadership, cultivate professional development and foster workplace diversity, NAAAP Toronto delivers an exciting regular schedule of events, networking mixers, a mentorship program, monthly seminars and workshops on a variety of topical subjects. In collaborating with community-based service groups, joint projects with businesses associations and other peer professional organizations, NAAAP Toronto also actively promotes community involvement.

NAAAP (North American Association of Asian Professionals) Toronto

Neighbourhood Arts Network (NAN)

NANNeighbourhood Arts Network (NAN)

The Neighbourhood Arts Network is the place where arts and community engagement meet in Toronto. We catalyze new discussions and relationships. We collect research and share information. We help artists and community organizations do what they do best: enrich Toronto and transform it into a more vibrant, beautiful, liveable city. For more information, please visit

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