Demysterfying Chinese Aesthetics – Chinese Opera and Dance Symposium (2009)

Demystifying Chinese Aesthetics is a one-day symposium aimed to enrich audience participants appreciation of Chinese opera and Chinese dance, as well as to encourage collaborations among different cultural arts. The symposium is presented by scholars on the aesthetics of Chinese culture, and it will be followed by an open panel discussion. There are two parts to the symposium, with the first half of the day dedicated to Chinese opera, and the second half to Chinese dance. Following the symposium, there are Chinese opera and dance Hands-on workshops.


Symposium Description

Speakers include Professor Dongshin Chang from University of Guelph; Mr. William Lau, a Chinese-Canadian Nandan artists from Ottawa; Professor Yin Mei Critchell from Queens College of New York ; Professor Su Ya from Beijing Dance Academy; Professor Shih-Ming Li Chang from Wittenberg University of Ohio, Professor Robert Reid from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, and Mr. Jinsheng Zhao from York University, Toronto, Canada.


After each section, there is a panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Margaret Chan.  Dr. Margaret Chan obtained her doctoral degree in ethnomusicology, York University and is currently the Senior Arts Development Coordinator at the City of Toronto, Cultural Services, promoting community arts across the city.


Workshop Description

The purpose of the workshops is to encourage and allow participant in gaining hands on experience after a full day discussion from the Symposium. The workshop is 1 and a half hour each, each session is taught by some of our speakers. By attending to the various workshops, dancers, artists and choreographers develop a better understanding of the basis and background of the different types of Chinese dance. The workshops also allow new working relationships to form and lead to future potential collaborations and contemporary works produced involving various degree of Chinese dance vocabularies.

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