Biography of Ye-Xian Li


Born in Yunnan, China. Madam Li, Ye Xian belongs to a very unique tribe called Wa group (佤族) in China. She was born in a family and a tribe which were culturally rich in songs and dances. She started dancing and singing since childhood. Her uncle is one of the tribe leaders. Her mother has seven siblings. At least one child from each family is dancing for the local performing troupe. , She was recruited by Ximeng Prefecture’s Dance Theatre in 2003 and started her adventure in various dance styles. In 2005, she was invited by her teacher to choreograph a piece of Wa dance and her work won an award. She decided since then to become a teacher of Wa ethnic style and to share the Wa culture to the rest of the world. Madam Li teaches a few styles of dance, mostly Chinese Indigenous dance including Dai, Yi and La Gu. Her speciality is Wa ethnic dance.

Achievements and Notables

  • 2015, First Honour award for the choreography of “Chinese Dream”; Executive Director and Choreographer of the main stage performance for Ximen Prefecture Wooden Drum Festival, the largest festival for Wa ethnicity; Choreographer and Director for the main stage performances at the 10th National Minority Tribes Traditional Games.
  • 2014, choreographed aerobic dance “Ah Shi Ge Lao”
  • 2012, First Honour award for the creation, choreography and performance of “Wooden Drum, Hair Swaying Dance”; Gold Award for “Festive Wa Tribe” at the 14th Yunnan Indigenous Art Festival.
  • 2011, First Honour and Gold Award for choreographing and directing the dance drama “Happy Songs of Ah Wa” in Yunnan province.
  • 2010, choreographed and directed opening ceremony dance performance for two major indigenous games in two cities.
  • 2007, National Silver Grain award, First Place in provincial new works and performance, First Place in city performance for the creation, choreographing, and performance of “The Heated Wa Mountain” full length song and dance repertoire; Gold and Silver medals in dance performances in National Indigenous Traditional Games at Guangzhou city.
  • 2006, performed in Olympic Rhythm gala show in Beijing.
  • 2005, First Place in aerobic dance at Guangzhou Indigenous Invitation Games.
  • 2003, Bronze medal in dance “Wa Mountain Shaking” at Yunnan province indigenous singing, dance and music festival; Silver medal in singing “the Song of Wooden Drum” at Yunnan province indigenous singing, dance and music festival.

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