We have a new name and a new look!

A message from the Board of Directors:

The original Little Pear Garden Collective was founded in 1994 to celebrate and promote traditional Chinese dance and Peking opera.

Over 20 years later, it has been transformed and breaks into a new and daring direction using Artistic Director Emily Cheung’s vision for embedding traditional Chinese art forms into dance expressions that reflect the diversity of Canada, to create a completely unique contemporary dance form. Dancers of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and disciplines, integrate Chinese traditional dance styles with modern techniques to perform for audiences, young and old.
LPGDC has introduced new educational programs, from workshops for children, to master classes for accomplished artists, that lead to a more inclusive celebration of innovative dance artistry for an expanded audience, not only in Toronto, but all across Canada.

This leads LPGDC to adopt a new corporate name and logo that speaks more truly to the vision of the company. As the company evolves, this bold design is highlighted with the words “Little Pear Garden” using traditional Chinese calligraphy to stay true to our traditional roots. The bold red colour signifies that the company is moving into ground breaking creativity. The circular stroke signifies a persistent high caliber art, as well as a continual evolution of our beliefs in maintaining a firm balance between Ying & Yang, which can defined as being traditional AND contemporary in equal parts.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy our company’s creation and artistry for many years to come.

Logo Designer: Victor Tan

Click on the logo and see the change!

Click on the logo and see the change!

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