2014-11-07 GTA Education Tour

On November 7th, we were invited by Sherwood Mills P.S. in Mississauga to begin our first educational outreach for 2014 school year. We performed two shows for several hundred lovely and welcoming G1 – G6 students. They watched the performance attentively and participated in the mini workshop enthusiastically. The school also asked two students to be our hosts, welcoming us in English as well as Mandarin. The respect they had for us as artists and Chinese cultural troupe touched us deeply. The students were especially impressed when the Dun Huang goddesses in the end showed off their flying ribbons. A huge “wow” could be heard in the gym. It was a lovely day to be spent with an appreciative audience.

On November 10th, we visited Cornell Village P.S. in Markham. The students were G6 – G8, a more grown-up crowd. Very surprisingly, as much as they are used to the modern day fast paced, stunt packed pop dance culture, they paid close attention to our performance. Same as the students in Sherwood Mills, Cornell Valley’s students also showed great interest in learning the moves from traditional dances. The feedback from the school organizer was very encouraging. She had never seen G6-G8 students so quiet during a performance. We totally captured their attention. What a wonderful thing to know that the beauty of refined dances could still reach out to younger generations.

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