Yunnan Extravaganza: a Bride’s Journey Trailer


Yunnan, located in southwest province of China and is characterized by its multi-ethnic diversity, nurtures a rich cultural and artistic environment. The story of “A Bride’s Journey” began in a small village of Yunnan. It followed the footprints of a young lady of the Miao ethnicity, traveling throughout the province to her future home in the Yi ethnic village. In her journey, the young and innocent bride faced the future with courage and a kind heart. Along the way, she met an arrogant, yet funny, common carrier; an elegant but sorrow Peacock Princess of Dai ethnicity; and villagers of the future home, who welcomed the bride with songs and dances. This program incorporated interactive elements for audiences to experience the joyful and hospitable culture of the Yunnan cultures.
Click Here to Watch the Trailer on YouTube.

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