2014/06/07 Unionville Festival Performance

We were presented by Flato Markham Theatre at the annual Unionville Festival in Unionville, Markham. The weather was gorgeous and the crowd buoyant. We performed the Yunnan Extravaganza of Miao, Dai and Yi dance, and invited the crowd in the end to join in on the Yi Line Dance for the newly wed.

Rehearsal Director: Carman Chu
Carman Chu (Bride)
Wilson Lui (Carrier & Groom)
Miao (A Smear of Red): Karen Chen, Dorothy Leung, Sabrina Wang, Yuliya Xu, Melanie Yu
Dai (Peacock): Sabrina Wang
Yi (Tobacco Box): Karen Chen, Dorothy Leung, Yuliya Xu, Melanie Yu

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