05th Mar 2014

BC Blog – 3/05, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: 2°C, light rain Melissa: OMG I died again…this girl’s like I liked your dances. You’re super cool! And then another girl hung out with us while we...

04th Mar 2014

BC Blog – 3/04, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: 0°C, light rain Melissa: Today was good. The first school Coquihalla Elementary was younger kids. They were adorable and loved it. One girl I picked for the...

03rd Mar 2014

BC Blog – 3/03, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: -3°C, light snow Wow, BC is as affected by the Arctic vortex as the rest of the country – SNOW! Due to the inclement weather, performances at...

02nd Mar 2014

BC Blog – 3/02, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: Snowy, -4°C Today we arrive at Hope, BC. The road was snowy. Saw a truck rolled over into the ditch. But we arrived safely and are in...

01st Mar 2014

BC Blog – 2/28, 2014

Tia: Loved the front row kids from this morning Melissa: Ya! One girl was waving with 2 finger sword hand!

26th Feb 2014

BC Blog – 2/26, 2014

Location: Vancouver Weather: 3°C. Partly Cloudy. Continue our week long performance at Vancouver’s Michael J. Fox Theatre.

24th Feb 2014

BC Blog – 2/24, 2014

Location: Vancouver Weather: 2°C. Snow. Follow our blog as we travel through the beautiful British Columbia!          

23rd Feb 2014

BC Tour Begins

On the glorious morning of Sunday Feb 23rd, when Canada Men’s Hockey Team won the gold medal in Sochi, we sent off our BC troupe on their way to LPGC’s...