3/13, 2015 Bitter Tea 3/13, 2015 Bitter Tea 3/13, 2015 Bitter Tea 3/13 2015, Bitter Tea 1994 – 2014

3/13, 2015 Bitter Tea

The story of China’s most famous actress was presented by Flato Markham Theatre.

3/13, 2015 Bitter Tea

The story of China’s most famous actress was presented by Flato Markham Theatre.

3/13, 2015 Bitter Tea

The story of China’s most famous actress was presented by Flato Markham Theatre.

3/13 2015, Bitter Tea

The story of China’s most famous actress was presented by Flato Markham Theatre.

1994 – 2014

Celebrating 20 years of Chinese performance arts and arts education.

Welcome to Little Pear Garden Collective.

 We are a Toronto based dance company with diverse repertoires in traditional and contemporary Chinese dance. We do annual performances, education tours and commercial engagements. We work with acclaimed choreographers, accomplished artists, and virtuous professional dancers. We are supported by Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. Please feel free to explore and discover our beautiful aesthetic of Chinese culture inspired art forms.

Traditional Art

Traditionally in China, the term "theatre" does not refer only to spoken drama, but has always included other arts such as song, dance, pantomime, and martial arts. Click here to read more about this subject ...


Contemporary Art

Little Pear Garden Collective has very diversified roots in cultural and ethnic dances. The appreciation and knowledge of these different dance styles integrate with contemporary techniques and give birth to the creation of LPGC style contemporary dance art. Click here to read more about this subject...

Dance Education

We collaborate with district school boards, community organizers and presenters on education workshops and tours. We have resident teachers with education degree specialized in children to young adult training. We host master classes and intensive programs with accomplished artists from local and abroad. Click here to read more about this subject...

Art Collaboration

We collaborate with artists across all disciplines of art forms to create new and exciting performances. We work with dancers of all ethnicity and cultural backgrounds to continuously look for inventive and creative dance expressions. Click here to read more about this subject...

03rd Jul 2015

Audition 2015-07-24

We are looking for one male and two female contemporary dancers. Date: Friday, July 24th. Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm. Studio: Winchester Theatre, Studio A.

29th Jun 2015

Company Dancer – Yuliya Xu

Yuliya started dance training from early childhood in Shanghai, China. She got Chinese folk dance training in China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace, and later was select into Oriental Little Companions...

28th May 2015
Photo by Prologue

2015-05-25 Prologue Children’s Festival

On May 25th, our company participated in Prologue’s Children Festival performance, along with other wonderful artists and performing groups. The event was a full-house success. Read more about the night...

15th Apr 2015

Annual General Meeting

LPGC's AGM on May 6, 2015.

14th Mar 2015

2015 Bitter Tea Performers Profile

Emily Cheung (Ruan Ling Yu) Emily Cheung is an educator, performer and choreographer. She is a professional Chinese dance artist specialized in both the Chinese classical and contemporary styles. She...

01st Mar 2015
11x17 BitterTea

Bitter Tea Box Office Info

Our full length production of the Globe and Mail award winning ‘Bitter Tea’ show is coming soon. Aside from the regular prices, there are many ways to buy discount tickets,...

25th Feb 2015
Photo by Chris Cushman

Project Dancer – Yui Ugai

Ugai Yui was born in Hiroshima, Japan. She majored in drama at high school and then in dance and music at Kobe University. She performed in Toru Shimazaki’s contemporary dance...

24th Jan 2015

2015-01-26, 27 Matinee Shows

Flato Markham Theatre is presenting three matinee shows of our Yunnan folk dance repertoire, “The Story of a Bride”. Tickets are sold out for the 27th show. There are still...

13th Nov 2014

2014-11-07 GTA Education Tour

On November 7th, we were invited by Sherwood Mills P.S. in Mississauga to begin our first educational outreach for 2014 school year. We performed two shows for several hundred lovely...

08th Nov 2014
Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 7.57.52 PM

2013/09/22 Fairchild TV Interview Emily Cheung

On September 22, 2013, Fairchild TV Toronto, the largest Chinese TV station in Canada, interviewed LPGC’s artistic director Emily Cheung. Emily talked to the host of “City Leisure Talk” about...

04th Nov 2014

2014/11/01 Cathay Ball Photos

2014 Cathay Ball fundraiser was a resounding success. We performed Flying Apsara as one of the featured presentations of the night. We want to thank the Mon Sheong Foundation for...

22nd Oct 2014

Cathay Ball 2014, Mon Sheong Foundation, 11/1

Little Pear Garden Collective is honourned to perform in the Cathay Ball 2014, fundraiser event for the Mon Sheong Foundation which is celebrating its 50th anniversary of helping the seniors...