Flato Markham Theatre 4/22 Venom of Love 5/15-17 Venom of Love 5/15-17 Little Pear Big Dreams Fundraiser 5/16 2014 Heart & Stroke Gala 5/24 British Columbia Tour Feb – Mar, Apr – May

Flato Markham Theatre 4/22

Celebrate National Dance Week
Free Workshop and Free Performance! Click to find out more.

Venom of Love 5/15-17

Premier May 15 – 17, 2014, as part of the NextSteps Harbourfront presentation.

Venom of Love 5/15-17

Premier May 15 – 17, 2014, as part of the NextSteps Harbourfront presentation.

Little Pear Big Dreams Fundraiser 5/16

May 16, 9:00 pm – 11:00pm, $120
Harbourfront Pink Pearl Restaurant

2014 Heart & Stroke Gala 5/24

May 24th, 7:00pm
Hilton Suites Markham
Discover Yunnan Performance

British Columbia Tour Feb – Mar, Apr – May

2014 education tour in British Columbia. Feb 23 – Mar 14 & Apr 27 – May 29. 71 performances.

Welcome to Little Pear Garden Collective.

 We are a Toronto based dance company with diverse repertoires in traditional and contemporary Chinese dance. We do annual performances, education tours and commercial engagements. We work with acclaimed choreographers, accomplished artists in residence, and virtuous professional dancers. We are supported by Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. Please feel free to explore and discover our beautiful aesthetic of Chinese culture inspired art forms.

Traditional Art

Traditionally in China, the term "theatre" does not refer only to spoken drama, but has always included other arts such as song, dance, pantomime, and martial arts. Click here to read more about this subject ...


Contemporary Art

Little Pear Garden Collective has very diversified roots in cultural and ethnic dances. The appreciation and knowledge of these different dance styles integrate with contemporary techniques and give birth to the creation of LPGC style contemporary dance art. Click here to read more about this subject...

Dance Education

We collaborate with district school boards, community organizers and presenters on education workshops and tours. We have resident teachers with education degree specialized in children to young adult training. We host master classes and intensive programs with accomplished artists from local and abroad. Click here to read more about this subject...

Art Collaboration

We collaborate with artists across all disciplines of art forms to create new and exciting performances. We work with dancers of all ethnicity and cultural backgrounds to continuously look for inventive and creative dance expressions. Click here to read more about this subject...

16th Apr 2014
Globe-and-Mail-logo (1)

Venom on Globe & Mail

      We are honoured and thrilled to be mentioned by the one and only Paula Citron in today’s Globe & Mail as one of the five dance events...

08th Apr 2014

Markham Flato Theatre, National Dance Week 4/22

Join us on April 22nd at Flato Markham Theatre to kick off the celebration of National Dance Week! We have been invited by Flato Markham Theatre to host a workshop...

03rd Apr 2014

2014 Fundraiser – Little Pear, Big Dreams! 5/16

Little Pear Garden Collective is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, and is offering more performances, educational programs and training opportunities than ever before in our company’s history.   Come...

03rd Apr 2014

NextSteps presents: Venom of Love, 5/15 – 5/17, 2014

We will be performing at Harbourfront’s Fleck Theatre a full-length production, “Venom of Love”, as part of the NextSteps 2013-14 dance season. 2014 also marks our 20th anniversary, or china...

01st Apr 2014
Venom – Harbourfront Media Release

Venom – Harbourfront Media Release

Link: http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/nextsteps/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/NextSteps-Media-Release-FINAL.pdf FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Taking the NextStep: Harbourfront Centre announces an ‘on pointe’ 2013-14 dance season TORONTO, ON (July 23, 2013) – Building on the two-time Dora Mavor Moore award-winning...

14th Mar 2014
Water Taxi to Kyuqote. (by Melissa)

BC Blog – 3/14, 2014, End of Tour One

Location: Tahsis, Zeballos, Kyuqote Weather: 9°C, Rain Melissa The one thing which impressed me the most of the first tour was the family dynamic and openness of Kyoquot, Zeballos and...

13th Mar 2014
Gold River's Ray Watkins Elementary School: Principal Scott Cobbe

BC Blog – 3/12, 2014

Location: Gold River, Tahsis Weather: 7°C, mostly cloudy Yesterday was a long road trip from Victoria to Gold River. But it was well worth it after seeing the wonderful children...

10th Mar 2014
Wedding holy land? Let's imaging ............ (by Sab)

BC Blog – 3/10, 2014

Location: Victoria Weather: 10°C, a few clouds Beautiful Victoria. Beautiful Butchart Garden

09th Mar 2014
Absolutely delighted to see "proper" Xiao Lone Bao (by Sab)

BC Blog – 3/09, 2014

Location: Victoria Weather: 11°C, Rain For the past two days, after a full week of snow, sweat and performances, we finally could get some R&R back in Vancouver. Gratefully enjoyed...

05th Mar 2014
This is my life right now. How awesome is that!?! Harrison Hot Springs (by Melissa)

BC Blog – 3/05, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: 2°C, light rain Melissa: OMG I died again…this girl’s like I liked your dances. You’re super cool! And then another girl hung out with us while we...

04th Mar 2014
Dancers don't eat. (by Melissa)

BC Blog – 3/04, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: 0°C, light rain Melissa: Today was good. The first school Coquihalla Elementary was younger kids. They were adorable and loved it. One girl I picked for the...

03rd Mar 2014
Warm and cozy on the inside (by Sab)

BC Blog – 3/03, 2014

Location: Hope Weather: -3°C, light snow Wow, BC is as affected by the Arctic vortex as the rest of the country – SNOW! Due to the inclement weather, performances at...